Zoya - June offering - Sumatra Solok Radjo Dry Hulled

June is just around the corner, and it's time for the selection of the month. I've decided to go with a lovely Sumatran coffee this time, which may surprise some of you. 

This particular coffee, Solok Radjo, is from the Solok Highlands area. I'll tell you it was surprising when I first tasted it because it was incredibly clean, with none of the typical Sumatran "funk" that historically has come from this country. 

The funk of which I am speaking can be described as a flavor profile of green peppers, soil, cedar, and perhaps just herbaceous green things in general. 

There are hints of the growing climate an and environment, as well as the Sigararutang variety in the cup. There is a depth to this coffee that reminds you where it is from, but this one delivers sweet, malted caramel, heavy body, and an overall pleasing experience.

The cleanliness of this coffee is largely from the "dry hulling". Dry hulling, based on my knowledge, is simply another term for a washed coffee which was dried in the parchment and then milled at a later date. The historical method from Sumatra and this region was to "wet hull" the coffee, or remove all of the layers including the parchment prior to drying, which is a big contributor to the traditional "funk" I spoke of.

This coffee was rested in parchment for 1 month after drying, which is often considered a minimum resting time in many countries. The washing, resting, and dry hulling of the coffee has led to much of the cleanliness.

It's not often that I get excited about Sumatran coffees, but this one is a shining example of how great they can taste. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't taste like a Central American or African coffee, but that's because it's from Sumatra silly. 

I'll be honest though, I drank two cups of this lovely Solok Radjo this morning without realizing it. Get signed up for this month because I am getting a very limited amount of it!

Happy drinking,