For the May offering of Zoya, I am quite proud to bring you El Faldon from Arnulfo Leguizamo! 

I am extremely excited to bring you coffee from the producer of my World Barista Championship coffee. While this is not the exact farm that I used in WBC, the flavor profile is nearly identical, with flavors like grapes, dates, caramel, and currant showing up. 

I first encountered Arnulfo’s coffee from a sample that was sent to me by Cafe Imports as a potential for the competitions. My desire was to find a great coffee from a farmer who paid as much attention to the details of the coffee as I do when roasting and preparing it. 

After learning about Arnulfo I was hooked. He’s not stretching the boundaries of coffee with wild methods or potentially negative gimmicks, but rather he’s just making GREAT COFFEE! He gets ripe picking, thoroughly washes the parchment clean, slows drying, and adjusts as needed. It’s a mirror of a barista adjusting to get the best flavor, and it speaks volumes to me.

Year after year Arnulfo has had killer coffee which commonly ends up in competitions, and it only makes sense that I bring it to you as one of the premier coffees for Zoya!

I will have a total of 48kg of El Faldon and expect it to sell out quickly, so get your subscription started before it sells out! Bringing you Arnulfo’s coffee is a proud moment for me, and I’m giddy just getting ready to send it to you. You can buy it by clicking the button below!

This month the coffee will be roasted on Thursday May 10th and shipped out the 11th. That way it should get to you by Monday or Tuesday ready to drink!

Thank you for supporting Zoya,