Welcome back! I hope you got the chance to enjoy last month’s coffee from Ecuador.

This month we are going back to the same origin to explore a different varietal, the Sidra. This variety has been becoming popular lately because of its unique and delicate flavor qualities. It tends to be a long shaped seed, which is softer than average.

The reason I have chosen this particular coffee is that it is once again incredibly sweet, with a mouth-feel that is almost like cream, and the acidity is beautifully structured while being a little lower (which I actually enjoy immensely). 

Because of the nature of this Sidra, I will be recommending a slightly lower brewing temperature. 196-198 F (91-92C). Brewing measurements are pretty common, using 16.4 grams of water for each gram of coffee used. (If you are new to this, just weigh your coffee and multiply the grams times 16.4. The resulting number in grams correlates to milliliters, and there are about 30ml per fluid ounce if you are using Imperial measures). 

Now for the fun part. I am planning to roast this coffee on April 4th-6th, so you should have it in your hands around the beginning of the next week. 

Also, if you are in the Kansas City area and want to pick up your coffee in person I will be having a tasting of the coffee at my office on April 7th. If you are interested in the meet-up please send me a direct message or email at pete@licatacoffeeconsultants.com to reserve your spot!

If you would like to read more information about this coffee farm, please check out the info page. I am accepting orders now, so get your order in by April 5th! The single bag link is below, or check out my many options in the store.