Welcome to the first offering of Zoya.

Zoya is the first offering that I will be releasing under Licata Coffee. Today I want to tell you a little about this initial line of coffees, why it is important to me, and of course what the actual coffee is for the launch!

To start, Zoya is inspired by my daughter Zoey and it is actually her Russian name (Zoey’s mom is from Moscow). I had the initial vision of doing a roasting offer when we were driving home from the hospital with our little bundle of joy. There is something about parenthood that changes you to the very core. It’s hard to explain, and I never would have guessed, but that’s the way it is. After the initial inspiration I thought long and hard about what the coffee should be and how I should launch it. 

Zoya is my vehicle for high quality single origin coffees, because they are honestly my favorites to drink. It is a reflection of the love I feel for my daughter which is meant to show through in the quality and profile of the coffee itself. 

To sum up what Zoya is meant to be I have been thinking of it in terms of taste experience. Any coffee that I choose for this line must be “Clean, Sweet, and Balanced”. This may not strike you as an amazing feat, but those three elements are what define my approach to coffee. Sweetness is the absolute most important aspect of high quality coffee (green and roasted), and I honestly believe it is lost far more often than it is presented to coffee drinkers. 

So that’s it, technically. 

I can also tell you that I am trying to find unique, vibrant, intense, and noteworthy coffees for Zoya, but those are the bonuses rather than the base criteria. Everything I source and offer will be tasty though. That is my promise.

Each month I intend to buy one 50-69kg sack of green coffee, roast it up, and ship it out. Once it is sold out it is gone. The next month will be a new coffee. If I get demand for significantly more subscriptions than one sack can handle I will purchase 2 per month and grow the availability if possible over time. Each month’s offering of Zoya will be roasted during the first week of the month and shipped out the next day.

I intend to pack a Third Wave Water mineral pouch with each bag of coffee which will make a gallon of perfect coffee brewing water when mixed with distilled or reverse osmosis water. This will not only give you better coffee when you brew, but your drinking experience will be quite similar to mine because of it!

This offering is starting as a 10oz(275g) bag, with domestic US shipping included in the price of $29 per bag. International offers are coming in the next month, and will most likely be the same price for a 80-100g pack. The reason it is the same price for a smaller bag is due to the cost of international shipping. By packing a smaller amount in a 3/4 inch thick envelope, the cost should actually be affordable enough. I will post more about the international shipping options as soon as I confirm the rates. 

So if you are totally sold and want to buy coffee right this instant, here you go:


Moving on to the details of the March offering, I have secured one bag of Juan Pena’s Hacienda La Papaya from Loja, Ecuador. This is a coffee that I have tasted from barista competitors in the past, and let me tell you it is fantastic this year! Thank you to Cafe Imports for having this one available. 

It is a typica variety and washed through relatively traditional means, but Juan Pena is just doing an excellent job of producing coffee. The sweetness and vibrance of acidity lead to an impeccable structure in the cup. You are going to love it, and I wish I could sell this exceptional coffee all year around.

Each month I will have a post with my preferred brewing parameters and methods in order for you to make the best cup possible. This will be released at the same time as the coffee shipment, so make sure to check out the blog when you are ready to brew!

To see all purchase and subscription options, please visit the store.